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A Game for the Visually Disabled Empty A Game for the Visually Disabled

Post  RJ.Reyes on Tue Sep 13, 2011 12:26 am


My name is RJ. One of my friends - Daniel Winkler - is the founder of a Chilean video game studio called IguanaBee.

IguanaBee is developing a game for the visually disabled. This game is called "Voices in the Dark", and details of the project can be found on the company's website - iguanabee.com. A link to the Voices in the Dark project is displayed prominently on the home page. (I apologize for not posting a direct link, but as a new member I cannot post external links for another 7 days.)

Please read through the Voices in the Dark FAQ, and watch the video that offers a sample of the gameplay.

Daniel and his team at IguanaBee are looking for feedback on the game and advice on how they can raise funding for the development of Voices in the Dark. Please feel free to respond in this thread with any such feedback or advice, and I will be sure that they read it. Also, anyone is welcome to leave a comment on the Voices in the Dark page of the IguanaBee website.

Also, if you view the sample of Voices in the Dark and think it has potential, please tell your friends and colleagues about it!

Thank you for reading!

- RJ


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